KE6I -- Ham Radio Station

KE6I -- ham radio station

Welcome to the KE6I web page. Operated by Cathryn Mataga in beautiful Berkeley, California.

  • Listen to my scanners. Ham Radio, Airplane/Marine, and Police
  • KE6I log. See if I remebered to put you in the log. If you're not in the log, work KE6I again!
  • MC-60A versus the TS-2000.
  • Image of my electronics work table.
  • Listen to an audio stream of my radio.
  • Link to my website. (Fixed 11/11/10)
  • Latest Packet radio news 8/2006
  • Design document for PBBS broadcast over HF
  • Connecting to the BBS using a Kenwood THD7A
  • Cathryn's links to shortwave broadcasters.(Updated 12/31/06)
  • KE6I Packet BBS (New Info)
  • IP Multicasting over AX25 Information
  • Pactor code for PK232 (Reposted)
  • Cathryn's Top 10 ham radio hints.
  • Ham Radio Horoscope. Let the stars be your guide to ham radio success!
  • Ham radio LOUDNESS pledge.
  • Top 10 cat ham radio complaints.
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  • Webcam of KE6I (Ask me to look into it!)
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  • My Gameboy development company.
  • KE6I operating position.

    TS890 TS2000 shown

    RSP Duo + too many wires

    RSP Duo + too many wires

    ke6i antenna system.

    a3s hf beam, 2m/440mhz 4el, 1.2Ghz beam and VHF/UHG vertical.

    ke6i antenna system -- old.

    a3s hf beam, and 2m/440mhz beam shown.

    Coax and grounding

    coax entrance point to the house and grounding

    lightning arrestors

    lightning arrestors and ground buss bars.


    Az-El antennas