KE6I -- MC60A Microphone

Cathryn versus the MC60A microphone

I've owned an MC-60A microphone for awhile, I've had it for the last decade or so, as long as I've had Kenwood radios. My current main radio is the Kenwood TS2000, and I've had a problem getting RF feedback into this microphone while running power on 80. The popular suggestion these days for RFI is to apply torroids to the cables, and with this MC60, I heaped on lots of toroids and it never really helped.

Here's the good news. As of now, I finally have it working perfect. How did I do it? It was all thanks to the Yahoo group 'KENWOODMICS'-- this group has some real microphone experts there, and these guys seem to know more than a human should be allowed to know about Kenwood microphones.

Turns out there are some mis-wired MC-60a's, so if you have problems this is important to check. Mine, though, wasn't one of the mis-wired mikes. I did do some random playing with this and after some testing I stumbled on the fact that grounding the case of the mic stand to the radio ground made the problem go away. I had this funky wire connecting the two together, and it worked good, other than being a little ugly.

What someone suggested on the KENWOODMICS group was to connect a pin of the Kenwood microphone jack, inside the base.

> If everything above checks out, try temporarily connecting a short
> jumper from pin 8 at the stand output plug, the male plug that goes to
> the cord to the rig, to the stand case. This should be done inside of
> the stand. See if this solves your RF problem or makes it worse.

These are the exact instructions. What do you know. This, for some weird reason, fixes my microphone RF feedback problems completely. I don't know why, but that's what happened for me. I speculate that maybe there's some kind of connection from the mike stand to the microphone itself, and that this is causing problems at higher power? Honestly, I don't know, but at least it's working now.

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